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Zeke Abramowitz Woodview Stories

Zeke Abramowitz is a major character in the Woodview Stories series.

Zeke loves to mess with his stepsister Brooke, but he's also the first one to defend her if need be. He cares deeply about his friends but probably won't admit it.

This is a Jewish household. It's actually much more of a problem for you to refuse our food. My mom may never forgive you.

Name: Ezekiel Miller Abramowitz

Pronouns: he/him?

Age: 16

Birthday: March 7

Hometown: Woodview, New York

Ethnicity: Polish (Ashkenazi Jewish), German

Languages: English

Grade: Junior

Activities & Interests: Drama Club (Lights

& Sound), A/V Club, Film Production

Appearance: Zeke is a white boy with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and very pale skin. His hair is often tied up into a messy man-bun. He is very tall and very thin. Marisol once described him as "a lanky piece of spaghetti." He usually dresses casually, in ripped jeans and a t-shirt or sweatshirt. Even though he can afford it, he doesn't care about fashion... unless somehow he can use it to piss off his sister. 



Robert Miller (Father)

Sarah Kaminsky (Mother)

Jason Kaminsky (Stepfather)


Brooke Kaminsky (Stepsister)

Ethan Miller (Half-brother)

Clarissa Miller (Stepmother)

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Violet Donovan


Ollie Fisher-Sampson

Marisol Castillo


Elena Flores

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