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Jo Reilly Woodview Stories

Jo Reilly is a major character in the Woodview Stories series and the narrator of Will It Ever Get Better?

After thinking she was an only child for 15 years, Jo learns she has a half-sister the same age as her. When Elena joins her at Woodview High School, Jo is forced to reconsider who her true friends really are.

I look at my reflection in the mirror and try to breathe. In for four seconds, hold for two seconds, out for eight seconds, and repeat. It was the method my mom had drilled into my head when I was younger and I knew I could count on it to temporarily calm me down.

Name: Joanne Colleen Reilly

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Age: 15

Birthday: May 19

Hometown: Woodview, New York

Ethnicity: Irish

Languages: English

Grade: Sophomore

Activities & Interests: Color Guard

Appearance: Jo is a teenage white girl with long straight blonde hair, light blue eyes, and pale skin with pink undertones. She is tall and not actually fat (but compared to the other girls at Woodview, she believes she is). She wears basic makeup, whatever she sees the other girls wearing. Her fashion sense is also basic, also based on whatever the other girls are wearing. She just wants to be like the other girls. She likes the color pink. 


Kevin Reilly (Father)

Meg Reilly (Mother)

Elena Flores (Half-sister)

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Casey Lewis


Rachel Weinstein


Nico Roma

Tyler Coleman

Will It Ever Get Better? by Ian Rose Castro

Read Her Story

Jo Reilly has dealt with a lot of big changes lately. She’s sharing a room with a surprise half-sister, her parents are always fighting, her best friends aren’t speaking to her, and she’s falling for someone totally unexpected. All she wants is to be normal, but what does that even mean? Jo must learn to shed her insecurities, resentments, and preconceived notions, in order to be true to herself and find the people who really care about her.

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