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Will It Ever Get Better?

A novella by Ian Rose Castro


Will It Ever Get Better? by Ian Rose Castro

Jo Reilly has dealt with a lot of big changes lately. She’s sharing a room with a surprise half-sister, her parents are always fighting, her best friends aren’t speaking to her, and she’s falling for someone totally unexpected. All she wants is to be normal, but what does that even mean? Jo must learn to shed her insecurities, resentments, and preconceived notions, in order to be true to herself and find the people who really care about her.

     “So that girl Elena…” Danielle starts, peering at me in the rearview mirror. “She’s your sister?” 

     “Half-sister,” I clarify. “Why?” 

     “We met her a few weeks ago at a party,” Parvati says. “She’s nice.” 

     “It’s really uncool that Casey made that post about her and Dylan,” Olivia says. “You were totally right to call her out like that.” 

     “Yeah, Casey doesn’t know what she’s talking about,” Danielle mutters. 

     Parvati turns around in the passenger’s seat, so she’s facing me the best she can. “A lot of people saw that video of your fight,” she says, “but they don’t know the full story. So if anyone on the team gives you a hard time, you let us know, okay?” 

     “Oh, um, yeah.” I nod. “Okay. Thanks. I will.”

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