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Woodview Stories

Woodview Stories is a Young Adult contemporary fiction book series. It tells the coming of age tales of a diverse group of teens living in the affluent Long Island neighborhood of Woodview.

The overarching story progresses through the books chronologically with each installment switching narrator to focus on a different person's point of view. It all begins with Elena, whose sudden move to Woodview from Miami sets off a chain of events that affects the lives of everyone around her.

The Stories

It Could Always Be Worse by Ian Rose Castro
It Could Always Be Worse (Woodview Stories #1)

After a traumatic experience in her hometown of Miami, Elena Flores moves away to live with the father she’s never met. It’s not easy starting a new school in the middle of October, so when her half sister invites her to a party, she thinks “what’s the worst that could happen?” Elena must learn to navigate her new life in the wealthy suburbs of Long Island and try to build relationships, but that’s hard to do when she doesn’t know who to trust and she can’t let go of her anger and sadness.

Will It Ever Get Better? by Ian Rose Castro
Will It Ever Get Better? (Woodview Stories #2)

Jo Reilly has dealt with a lot of big changes lately. She’s sharing a room with a surprise half-sister, her parents are always fighting, her best friends aren’t speaking to her, and she’s falling for someone totally unexpected. All she wants is to be normal, but what does that even mean? Jo must learn to shed her insecurities, resentments, and preconceived notions, in order to be true to herself and find the people who really care about her.

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It's All So Bittersweet (Woodview Stories #3)

Meg and Kevin Reilly have thrown an amazing sweet sixteen party for their daughter Jo… but she has to share it with her half-sister Elena, who doesn’t even want to be there. Meg just wants everything to be perfect for the girls, but her marriage is on the rocks, Kevin and Elena have barely spoken in months, and Jo is hiding a big secret from the rest of the family. Can they keep the peace and find some common ground or will this night be a complete disaster?

More Stories Coming Soon!

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