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Brooke Kaminsky Woodview Stories

Brooke Kaminsky is a major character in the Woodview Stories series.

Brooke has the perfect life on the outside - she's beautiful, wealthy, has a great family and friends, and earned a role in the school play. But on the inside, she feels anything but perfect.

You're just like every other person who becomes my friend for a month but then gets scared off. Once you get too close to me you'll realize that I'm too screwed up.

Name: Brooke Lynn Kaminsky

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Age: 15

Birthday: September 15

Hometown: Woodview, New York

Ethnicity: Russian (Ashkenazi Jewish), 


Languages: English

Grade: Sophomore

Activities & Interests: Drama Club, Debate Club, Choir, Peer Tutoring

Appearance: Brooke is a teenage biracial Black girl with long curly dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and medium brown skin. She is petite and very girly. She wears perfectly applied makeup and only the most fashionable, feminine clothing. She has impeccable style and expensive taste (but that's okay because she can afford it). She loves the color pink and drama.



Jason Kaminsky (Father)

Lynda Kaminsky (Mother)

Sarah Kaminsky (Stepmother)

Zeke Abramowitz (Stepbrother)

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Ollie Fisher-Sampson

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