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It's All So Bittersweet


A novelette by Ian Rose Castro

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Meg and Kevin Reilly have thrown an amazing sweet sixteen party for their daughter Jo… but she has to share it with her half-sister Elena, who doesn’t even want to be there. Meg just wants everything to be perfect for the girls, but her marriage is on the rocks, Kevin and Elena have barely spoken in months, and Jo is hiding a big secret from the rest of the family. Can they keep the peace and find some common ground or will this night be a complete disaster?

     “I don’t think anyone’s even gonna notice, but I can add a few stitches to tighten up the bust a bit if it’s really bothering you.”  

     “Do you think you could?” I ask. “I don’t want it to look like we had to have it altered.” 

     “You already did have it altered, by the tailor,” she points out. 

     “Yes, but he was a professional. Do you even know how to sew?”

     “Would I have offered to fix your dress if I didn’t know how to sew?” 

     She laughs. I don’t feel like laughing, but I force myself to. It wouldn’t hurt to lighten up a little bit. One speed bump is not going to ruin the day. 

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