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Marisol Castillo Woodview Stories

Marisol Castillo is a major character in the Woodview Stories series.

Marisol is a non-binary lesbian, goth, and on-again/off-again vegetarian. They aspire to be a fashion designer and take pride in being a good friend.

Oh, you know, we're just gonna do some blood rituals, sacrifice baby animals, summon a demon, maybe we'll throw a virgin into a volcano if we can find one. Do you know any?

Name: Marisol Esperanza Santos Castillo

Pronouns: they/them

Age: 16

Birthday: December 3

Hometown: Bacoor, Philippines

Ethnicity: Filipinx

Languages: English, Filipino/Tagalog

Grade: Junior

Activities & Interests: Drama Club (Costume & Props), Queer Straight Alliance, Asian Cultural Society, Art Club, Business Honor Society, Peer Tutoring

Appearance: Marisol is an Asian femme-presenting non-binary teen, with long black hair, dark brown eyes, and dark tan skin. Their hair is sometimes streaked with green and usually worn in two loose buns. They always dress in all black, often with a black leather jacket and black combat boots. They wear heavy black eyeliner and black lipstick and a lot of black and silver jewelry. Their dark, goth appearance doesn't usually match their sweet and bubbly personality.



Eduardo Castillo (Father)


Alma Santos Castillo



Eddie Castillo (Brother)

Angel Castillo (Brother)

Baby Castillo (Sister)

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Ollie Fisher-Sampson

Zeke Abramowitz

Elena Flores


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